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Karen Sangaline Pillsworth has been enchanting audiences
from Newfoundland, Canada to Sydney, Australia with her stories for over 30 years.

Karen performs for the youngest listeners in places like Head Start, and older listeners in senior centers. Her tales take her into schools, churches, camps, museums, and historic sites. But no matter where she roams, she is always happy to come back home to Kingston, NY where in 2002 she was named Storyteller Laureate in perpetuity for the city. Karen knows “there’s no place like home” and continues to invite people to find their own stories in the frame of hers.

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photo of storyteller Karen Sangaline Pillsworth performing at the Sydney International Storytelling Festival, Sydney Australia
Sydney International Storytelling Festival, Sydney, Australia

photo of storyteller Karen Sangaline Pillsworth at Mohonk House, New Paltz, NY
Mohonk House, New Paltz, NY

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Karen recently was certified as a Storytelling Schools practitioner by Storytelling Schools Ltd., UK. This involved ten weekly virtual sessions of two hours each, covering all the main elements of the Storytelling Schools method, followed by an assessment which led to Karen's certification.
Karen Pillsworth's certificate as a Storytelling Schools Practitioner

Karen says: "What an amazing experience it was taking the Storytelling Schools Training. I discovered new ways to teach the art of storytelling and to infuse storytelling into all the language arts. Though I wish I could have taken this course in-person, the availability of the virtual classroom made it possible to experience the course with people from around the globe."
  Karen Pillsworth
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