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Comments about the Cornerstone School Development Day February, 2021. What people said when asked the question: "What is one good thing you took away from this workshop?"

"One good thing - there were sooooo many. But if I have to list one, it would be gaining more tools to help students share their stories - particularly framing and movement integration in storytelling."

"Thank you, Karen. This has been very inspiring!"

"The "tell me more" segment was very helpful and useful because it facilitates listening. It will help me get more details from my students and enable me better to help them."

"The kinesthetic way to learn/tell a story - connecting movement with sequence."

"One good thing is that storytelling doesn't begin with paper and pencil."

"Do it learn it!"

"We had a great storyteller here last night for our SRC Party whom I would recommend to all. Karen had an audience of 100+, ages 5-10 with parents, and kept them fully engaged for 45 minutes with an entertaining selection of stories including "Tops and Bottoms". She incorporates simple props and encourages audience participation. Parents commented that she was "fantastic" and "wonderful" at the conclusion of the program. How's that for the age of bells and whistles?"
Chris Piattelli, John C. Hart Memorial Library

"You held your audience, both children and adults, spellbound as you wove your magic tales. Your enchanting entertaining added so much to the event Your willingness to promote literacy is appreciated by all."
Kevin A. Cahill, Assemblymember 101st District, The Assembly, State of New York

"You were superb! It was my good fortune to have you and your stories in my school during a bomb-threat! When we evacuated 200 five through eight year olds to a nearby church, your ability to hold the children's interest for over an hour was remarkable. I thank you for sharing your remarkable talent with us."
Nora Palmer-Gould, Principal, Webutuck Elementary School, Amenia, NY

"Karen, you did an amazing job! I received SOOOO many compliments about the Befana story and the Silver Pine Cones. It was a special night! So, you have a place at our Little Christmas Dinner for as long as you are able to tell the Befana Story! You are a blessing to us."
Tony Marmo, President, Ulster County Italian American Foundation

"Your stories were enjoyed by both the children and adults. In fact, the next day following worship, I overheard folks still talking about the stories you told."
David M. Brechter, Pastor, Reformed Church of the Comforter, Kingston, NY

"You were just the best storyteller. The kids and the parents were enthralled not only with your stories but with your style and personality as well."
Sharon Waagner, librarian, Long Lake Library, Long Lake, NY

"Many thanks, Karen, for your wonderful stories by the Peterskill. We love you!"
Camp Peregrine

photo of 1st graders participating with storyteller Karen Pillsworth

photo of storyteller Karen Pillsworth

photo of storyteller Karen Pillsworth

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