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Storytelling and Healing

A Passionate and Caring Workshop Leader

photo of the meeting room at Villa Veritas Foundation Karen Pillsworth is very excited about her work at Villa Veritas with the men and women in recovery. Here's an email about this work:

"What a great addition Karen Pillsworth’s “Art of Story Telling” has been to the Villa Program!!!

At first we thought Karen could weave her art into our step work. It wasn’t long before we realized we wanted to set Karen free to follow her gift and let it evolve so she could set the clients' imaginations free as well! WHAT A PROFOUND DECISION and life changing gift was created.

Every week our clients look forward to Karen's passion and caring as she helps them reach far into and beyond their capabilities! She helps them open doors, never pressuring but gently prompting them with her artful craft. They trust her because she is so genuine and sincere and extremely humble. She always lifts my spirits and is a joy to work with.

Sue and your Villa family"

Suzanne Cusack, President, CEO, Villa Veritas Foundation

Here are comments from some of Karen's clients at Villa Veritas Foundation:

"Karen’s stories are wonderful and inspiring. She is passionate in what she does. The stories are very relatable, and it is easy to follow and picture what she talks about step by step. I like that she doesn’t call on you to speak, instead she expects people to volunteer to share. I enjoyed and felt comfortable sharing my own story with Karen and the group. I can’t wait for Karen to return. I find these sessions very healing and helpful."
-- Catherine

" I think that the storytelling session was great and very therapeutic. It brought back a lot of great memories and feelings a lot of us had inside us. I truly believe it is a nice addition to our recovery and gives us a sense of hope to make new memories and new feelings of hope and happiness. "
-- Anonymous

" Today was my second storytelling group and I think it is a great part of the program. It provides a different avenue of thought than the other groups and allows us to challenge ourselves to unlock older memories and feelings. Furthermore, Karen is wonderful. Not only is she a great storyteller, but she seems to genuinely care. She creates an open comfortable environment that encourages sharing in a judgement free setting. I am honored to be part of this group experience. "
-- Colin

" It made me think back to good times and not just bad. Her stories also gave me hope and inspiration that I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to as long as I believe in myself and not to listen to negativity. "
-- Brooke
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